Your Accommodation

From high-end to simplicity for every choice and budget  

Château Domaine du Fan has 44  rooms, cabins and dormitories, each of different sizes, comforts, and styles. So, whether you like to get comfortable in a private suite in the Castle tower or spend the night in a cottage in nature or simplicity in a dormitory,, we offer a choice and price for every taste and budget.  Currently and depending on the season, we can accommodate between 100 and 130 guests with expansion on its way for another 30 beds before 2021..

28 Rooms

You will find Single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and rooms sleeping 4 guests, as well as one private room for guests with wheelchair requirements. (Pls note that most of our workrooms/salles are not easily reachable by wheelchair)
The room rate is based on the number of guests and your choice of a private or shared bathroom.
Rooms with private bathrooms do benefit from one midway room service during stays longer than 5 nights. Towels and complete bedding is provided for these rooms.
Château: Nicely decorated rooms (1-4 per) with private bathrooms and views onto the garden.
Annex: Rooms with private or shared bathrooms next door.
Dépendance: Rooms (2-3 pers) with shared bathrooms and toilets down the hallway.

13 Wooden Chalets

Surrounded by nature in the calm, these small units with balcony are ideal for purealists. A Block-Sanitaire with toilets and warm showers is close by. Each chalet is equipped with a ceiling fan, good lighting, mosquito nets and an electric heater for the colder months.
Note: 4 more chalets will open for summer 2020.

3 Dormitories

Our sleeping rooms are for 8-12 guests. We have created boxes for every 2 beds through curtain separations for added privacy.



We will not take any bookings for individual rooms over the phone. Thank you for your understanding.
If you are a Speaker or Organiser of your group and like to place a group reservation, you may use a Group Accommodation List and Table, to better manage and reserve your group-stay with us. Pls, click here to get all the info for your seminar/workshop accommodation, and workroom bookings..