Ecology & Autonomy

We care about the environment we live in. We don’t just talk about it, but implement what we believe in.
We pride ourselves in being active in:
  • Recycling: everything is being collected and sorted and delivered for recycling.
  • Renewable energies: we are close to signing a new contract with a solar power investment firm to turn 12 ha of our land into a solar park, generating enough energy for hundreds of homes.
  • Bio-agriculture (over 80ha of our 168ha is currently used to grow a variety of grains) and we offer bio-products and honey for our clients and groups on request.
We enjoy to be autonomous and independent:
  • Our water supply: Our well provides us most of our water needs.
  • Sewage treatment: For almost 20 years, we have been using a language system to clean up our sewage.
  • We have implemented strict energy saving measures in the last years and continue to replace single glass windows with multi-layer once, use heat exchange technology, and have already installed LED/low energy lighting.
  • We are starting to install photovoltaic panels onto our buildings with a battery solution and hope to generate at least 60% of our own electric consumption.
  • We do woodwork in our workshop, building futon-beds or repairing all wooden furniture, doors, windows and shades ourselves.
  • The installation of 2 main high efficient wood burners with modern low emissions for all buildings is in the planning. This will exchange the use of fuel with our own wood. An electricity generating addition is being considered.
  • We hope to have completed all the changes within the next 3 years.

You will also notice that we are rebuilding and repairing some of the existing structures and buildings which have been in a very bad state. It will be a 5 years long construction effort and will deplete our finances. This means that we will need all the support we can get in financing all. The more you stay with us or promote Château Domaine Du Fan to other organisers, the faster we can make these changes for all to enjoy. We thank you for supporting us with your stay in the past. All funds will be reinvested to make Château Domaine Du Fan a more enjoyable experience for us, the animals and nature.