What to bring, how to prepare, and other things you might want to know.  


What to bring:

Your bathroom linen if you have booked accommodation with a shared collective bathroom.
Clothing and shoes suitable for nature and the season with raining gear.
A blanket or bath towel if you wish to lie down in the grass.
A flashlight for your night trips.


The reception and payment shall be done 2 hours before the beginning of the first session. You can pay for your accommodation by credit card, check or cash or cheques vacances.


Full bedding is provided (sheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses) these should remain in the rooms, and not be used outdoors (on the lawn for example) to prevent insects from colonizing the mattresses and/or blankets, nor shall they be taken in the meditation room (cushions, floor mats and blankets are provided in the Workroom storage areas. (Special mattresses with oil protection covers can be requested by your organizer before seminar begin). The bathroom linen is provided only in rooms with private bathrooms.


We want to make you aware that we are located in a preserved nature and that some insects (chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, wasps, bees, hornets …) live there. It is therefore desirable to bring sprays, creams or other “medicine” to avoid (or minimize) bites.


Camping by caravan, camper or tent is only allowed on request. No equipment or bed linen (pillow, sheets, etc …) will be provided to campers. We have specific places for camping. Our Receptionist at the time of check-in will inform you and assign you a spot for your tent or motorhome. A power supply can be made available at a rate of 12 € / day.
Warning: it is strictly forbidden to sleep in workrooms, hallway or any other common used places.


Our cuisine is essentially vegan (whole food, plant-based without added oil) with gluten-free alternatives. It is based on fresh products and often regional. These products are 80-95% organic, depending on the season.
Our prices are generally fixed and all-inclusive with three meals, and an arranged snack (biscuits, fruits…). Hot drinks (coffee, black, green and herbal teas) are available all day for the duration of your seminar.


Children are admitted under the sole responsibility of the parents.
On our estate, we have a place dedicated to the treatment of wastewater, consisting of ponds and wild flora. For the safety of their children, parents must assure childcare and have them monitored 24/7 by an adult.
We do not provide babysitting service, and we do not have baby or children beds, bottle warmers, etc. We advise you to bring along whats needed.


Accompanying persons. (spouse, friends, babysitters … not participating in the internship) must pay for their accommodation in full board, just like the participants of the seminar. As the meals (if not booked autogestion by the organizer) are buffet style, we can not and do not wish to check every person accessing the buffet.


Our animal friends are usually not allowed in seminars, internships. If the estate management has agreed to accept an animal, we will charge you 10 € / day.

Valuables and precious objects:

We invite you to travel light, the Château Domaine du Fan does not have a safe or lockers to deposit your valuables and they will remain under your full responsibility. We can not be held liable in case of loss or theft. You may keep some valuables locked in your or a friends car.

Phone and wifi:

The rooms do not have a phone however you have free wifi access all over the site the password is domainedufan. To ensure a healthy sleep some networks are disabled between 2 and 6 hours.


The day of your departure, we thank you to release the rooms imperatively at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Please do not forget to leave the room key on the door before leaving.

And most importantly…….. bring yourself and your good mood and your favorite music instrument.