Organizer Seminar Work-Room Booking

Organizer Seminar Room Booking and Info

For your Seminar / Workshop, we can offer you different workroom choices from 35m² to 167m² for small or big groups of max 90 guests (Nov-March) and 130 to 150 guests (May-Oct) all inclusive with accommodation for every budget in 4 price categories.


Please mark your 1st choice for your preferred workroom:


Tariff 2019/2020
All-inclusive or Self-service?
Choices of Workroom
DAILY RATES (VAT included)
1 Grand Salle du Buddha
(w. Heated wood flooring, AC, Fan, Sound-system, cushions, mats)
165 m² 180 €
2 Salle de Kim – Denise
(New and available after june 2020)
150 m² 160 € prêt en juin 2020
3 Salle d’ Osho
Wooden flooring, soundsystem, some cushions
70 m² 80 €
4 Salle de la Bibliotheque
w. 25+ chairs and tables
42 m² 50 €
2 Salle de la Réunion
w. 20+ chairs and tables
35 m² 50 €
La Salle du Bar (125m²) and la salle du Réstaurant (114m²) and our big Tent Barnum (200m²) can be reserved on an individual basis whenever available. You may note your wish in the big box below.

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Reservation Confirmation Requirements *

liability waiver.
CGV Reservation Agreement for Seminar Organizors .
Once the date, accomodation availability and workroom has been approved by us, a signed CGV with a check Arrhes is needed from you to be mailed to us in order to confirm your booking.

For the reservation of your own bed and all-inclusive stay and that of your team, please choose and book your accommodation. We offer one free booking for every 25 bookings of our all-inclusive option.

We are looking forward to greeting you at Château Domaine du Fan for private viewing of our place. We are confident that you will find Domaine du Fan to be an ideal place for your seminar, workshop, or event.

We remain at your disposal for further consultation and questions.