Self-Service Workshops/Autogestion

To serve you best, we offer two options for workshop and seminar organizers. Our standard, and most often used, All-inclusive and no-hassle option (where your participants can reserve their room and bed directly online with us), and this less costly self-service option for the more date flexible groups.

If you are a small-size (10-25 pers.), midsize (26-60 pers.) or a big group (61-120+ pers) and you like to reserve  some or all beds and/or workrooms for your seminar or workshop, for one day, a weekend or longer, and you do not wish our cuisine, maintenance and cleaning services for your participants during your stay, let us know and we may be able to offer you what you need with or without our fully equipped kitchens (with or without meal support). Bring your own cook and make only use of our ready-made accommodations with the right size workroom, at a preferred price.

For this option. We do not manage any individual room reservations for your participants. Your participants will need to reserve their accommodations through your team and not with us. We offer you an accommodation plan for easier management.

Please make your reservation through our Workroom page and mention the Self-Service option in the description field.

Please keep in mind that this self-service option is not always available, but we will do our best to make it work. Simply let us know your first 2-3 choices of date periods as requested.

We will contact you asap to confirm or will send you a link for other periods available.

Autogestion Price List

Accommodation choices, prices,  and rental availability:

Big-size Groups (61-120+ pers):

We offer our place to bigger groups (with our central main kitchen) when there are no other full-service seminars scheduled during your period requested. For that, you have much better chances during the low season (October – March), but better to double check with us.

A Partial lunch or dinner buffet service with us providing only some of the meals is not possible. Breakfast may be arranged through us upon request.

Mid-size groups (26-50 pers):
This option of self-service for mid-size groups is often not available during high season, but please check with us. We are more likely to confirm short reservations (less than 12 months prior)
Partial service with us providing some of the meals is only possible with another already existing full-service reservation.    
A reservation can only be made within less than 12 months before.

Smaller Groups (min 10-25 pers):
As a small group, you have a better chance of availability throughout the year. You can book a smaller workroom even on short notice, and choose among our smaller and fully equipped kitchens (Annexe or Chateau) for your own food preparation use.

If our Domaine du Fan kitchen happens to be open for other full-service customers, your entire group may choose to eat at our buffet for one or the other meal and pay only for the meals taken. Prior arrangement is required.

Self-Service workshop price list and reservation sheet for accommodation and kitchen rental