The Ecovillage Project

If you enjoy to stay for a permanent or long period inside the Domaine du Fan energy field and spirit, you may become a resident-guest or resident-member of the Domaine du Fan Ecovillage Project. You may benefit from the good food and the program offered. We encourage self initiatives for regular Yoga and meditation meetings among resident guests or members.

Through the Initiative and the vision of Susanne Nozari, the founder and initial owner of Domaine du Fan, we are inviting like minded people to share the passion for this concept of environmental friendly, autonomous, healthy, self-conscious, and aware, caring community living.

The concept is based on autonomy and environmental-friendly community living with our own electricity and biogas production, wood heating, water well supply, and lagunage sewage treatment.  

Your Ecovillage rental includes…
Free supply of heating woods and some solar electricity (not for transport) as well as the water supply for personal use.
Reduced monthly rate for all healthy, bio, low fat, vegan meals being offered by our kitchen.
Free use of all facilities: Sauna, Tennis, Gym etc.
Free participation in regular meditation and yoga get-togethers of and for residents.
Occasional special reduced offers to some third-party seminars taking place at Domaine du Fan.

The result is a safe home environment at times of uncertain environmental, financial and political climate and potential food shortage.
Bio-farming with our vegetable gardening, honey production, and fruit production makes this location more attractive than ever.
Of course, the main argument at Domaine du Fan remains the peaceful and serene natural surrounding within the wild animal protection areas. 

You can participate in our resident-guest (weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) program at first and become a member after a one year period time with prior approval. The period is for a maximum of 1 year at a time, if no violation has occurred.

The Ecovillage consists of different accommodation options at different All-inclusive rental prices. For now, we offer Rooms in existing buildings like the Grand Gite or Potager.
Smaller wooden Cabins and the renovation of our big building (next to Dépendances) next to the Tennis court are in the planning for the next 3 years.

Please contact us through our email contact form under the heading “Ecovillage” if you would like to know more about options and pricing.

We hope to greet you as a member or guest soon….