The care we put in our buffets…



  • Homemade fresh buffets
  • Whole plant based foods with good protein sources
  • 90% organically and locally produced. We will give you a tour on request
  • No processed or artificial  sugars
  • Minimized use of added oils & fats (We use the whole plant, nut or seeds instead)
  • Advanced preparation and cooking methods to preserve nutrients
  • Lots of fresh raw, sprouted and germinated greens and fresh salads
  • Many Gluten free choices
  • Love, passion and devotion in every meal for your health
  • See for yourself (our fresh and bio produce) and ask for us to show you our kitchen

Our recipes are selected and prepared in such a way as to support your work in the stage here. We hope to excite you and provide a new experience, giving your body the maximum of nutrients and lots of alive foods and fiber, allowing for increased energy and better digestion and detoxification. We hope to ignite your interest and awareness of what and how you are eating. We wish to educate and amaze at the same time.


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This is what we do for your health:

Why we believe that a low fat, whole foods unprocessed plant based meal is the best there is….

Sourcing plants fresh locally and organically as much as possible.
We work with local organic growers and occasionally do grow our own in garden organic veggies. We have an extremely high proportion of organic foods of 90% and try to cook season oriented.

We cook fresh foods and do not use precooked and processed foods
In most places, you will find precooked meals to be heated up. It is cheaper and faster, but this goes against our philosophy. We put time and effort for your health and taste.

Cooking at right methods (low temperature in covered pots or quick cooking with intense heat)
to preserve maximum enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals, trace minerals, and other nutrients.

We try not to use added oils in the recipes.
We use whole foods in almost all of our recipes. This reduces the harmful effects of saturated fats on the artery linings and liver, it improves digestion and assimilation and improves elimination of cholesterol through our intestines. It should improves your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and your liver markers….and of course you can lose weight more easily.
We Cook with broth and minimal oils whenever possible. We also use low fat cooking methods like air frying, pre water soaking etc.

We use wild flowers and fresh herbs from our garden
…like mint or borish or Nettle for salads and teas and desserts

Desserts are sweetened with natural sugars or whole foods and fruits or honey or natural syrup
We do not use processed, industrial or artificial sweeteners.

We keep an eye on a low sodium levels and use other spices to not sacrifice taste.
We use only mineral rich Himalaya salt with over 50 trace elements. You can always add more of the salt yourself

We often offer sprouted greens and also ad ingredients and spices that boost and maximize your antioxidant and anti inflammatory and phytochemical intake.
We frequently offer germinated sprouted seeds and beans to boost nutrient value and enzymes. We provide grounded Linseed for its high Omega 3 content, and Curcuma (cumin w. Pepper mix) as well as ginger (for tea) or cinnamon (in our rice/oatmeal/quinoa hot cereal) for its high Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory benefits.


And most importantly…..
We ad love and care as the main ingredient. Because…..
We are passionate in cooking. We love to improve recipes and food preparation methods to give you the healthiest food ever possible.

And giving you the highest possible  nutrient value for your best health is what gives us purpose and makes us happy.
Our foods are a result of science, love, creativity and perfection….. An an artwork for your health.