Workrooms for Seminars


A choice for every need and budget: From 35 to 168m² we offer you rooms for different needs.

All our rooms can be equipped with tables, chairs and flip-charts and projectors for your requirements. Mattresses (with stain covers) and cushions for massage or personal development sessions can be provided: All bigger rooms come installed with a professional Sound system with all around speakers and wireless microphones as well as Bluetooth and cable connection to your tablet, laptop or phone.  

Salle de Seminaire: Buddha – 165 m²

This beautiful room with a high ceiling and a floor heating system under natural wood. It is ideal for hosting large groups and has lovely views. It is equipped with ceiling fans, dimming lighting and two larger platforms for the trainer. It comes with an amazing sound system and control panel. The room is sound insulated for your comfort and privacy. There are 2 toilets right next to the room.

Lecture theatre : 130 pers.
Classroom : 130 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 50 pers.
Round tables : 90 pers.
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Salle de Seminaire: Kim – 150 m² (available after June 2020)

This cube-like room is our newest member with a very high 7 meter ceiling with lots of smaller windows and some very big glassdoor windows creating a bright working area. The high ceiling makes for a great expanding ambiance. Its distance to the other buildings guarantees for good privacy. This salle too has sound insulated walls and windows for a more peaceful and quiet session. A good sound system with all-around speakers is installed to complements your work.  4 Toilets are next to the room.
his room is available only during the summer time from May until September

Lecture theatre : 120 pers.
Classroom : 120 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 42 pers.
Round tables : 80 pers.
Cocktail party : 135 pers.
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Salle de seminaire:  Osho  – 70 m²

This high ceiling salle with natural wooden flooring gives a warm feeling and is well lit due to its Velux windows. A ceiling fan makes for good air circulation. 2 Toilets are right next to the entrance..

Lecture theatre : 45 pers.
Classroom : 36 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 25 pers.
Round tables : 40 pers.
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Salle de Bibliothèque 42 m²

This lovely room in the castle is ideal for dinners and entertainment or music afternoons or nights. It comes with a real piano and a big Screen TV of 60 inches. It is ideal for small groups. With its Chandelier, wooden floor and persian carpet and over 20 wooden chairs, it provides a warm Château ambiance. It opens up to a garden terrasse and is therefore great for yoga or meditation sessions.
This salle opens up to Salle de Réunion so that both can be used together. .  

Lecture theatre : 36 pers.
Classroom : 54 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 22  pers.
Round tables : 20 pers.
Cocktail party : 30 pers
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Salle de Réunion 35 m²

This room can ideally be used as a session or school room. It has a Whiteboard on the wall and many tables and chairs. It has a high ceiling and opens up to the castle gardens. It has a light dimmer. It has a wooden floor with a persian rug and seating and tables for over 25. Toilets are close by.
This salle opens up to Salle de Bibliothèque so that both can be used together. .  

Lecture theatre : 30 pers.
theatre : 48 pers.
Classroom : 24 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 22 pers.
Round tables : 16 pers.
Cocktail party : 25 pers.
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The Bar 120 m²

This is not a seminar salle and is offered in conjunction with another big salle reservation. It is often used by the intervenants for book sales, painting sessions and video viewings.
It has a motorized super big screen for projectors (provided by us):It can ideally be used as a session or info room, due to its motorized big screen for projectors. It can be easily equipped for multiple deks and chairs. Toilets are close by.
This salle opens up to the Barnum and could be used together. 

Lecture theatre : 100 pers.
Classroom : 54 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 40 pers.
Round tables : 60 pers.
Cocktail party : 100 pers.
Tariffs & Booking

The Barnum 200 m²

This big tent may be used as an add-on for other salle reservations and it can only be used during summer time (May-Sept). It is installed on our main terrace next to the bar and has direct access from the bar. It can be set up with or without the side walls. It is often used for festivities and often reserved together with the bar.
This salle opens up to the Barnum and could be used together.

Lecture theatre : 130 pers.
Classroom : 100 pers.
Horseshoe tables : 70 pers.
Round tables : 160 pers.
Cocktail party: 10 pers.
Tariffs & Booking

Other Salles include our dépendances Restaurant, the Castle Dinner and Breakfast room. These salles can only be reserved for groups over 100 pers or on request. Please contact us with further questions.